Increase the impact of your direct mail campaigns with variable data printing

It’s proven that customers respond to messages that are relevant to them. Variable data printing lets you personalize text, images, and colors, to create a highly personalized direct mail campaign to each of your customers. This gives you the efficiency of mass mailing with the relevance of one-to-one communication. With Digital Printing, you’re lowering costs, lessening your footprint on the environment, and raising response rates, for a higher return on investment.

We’ll show you how you can put two proven and established marketing elements to work for you. When you combine the attention-grabbing power of direct mail with the immediate interactive capabilities of the internet, more of your direct mail recipients are converted into qualified prospects and loyal customers.

We’ll walk you through the complete process that enables you to:

  • Improve direct mail response rates
  • Capture online responses and continue a “personal” conversation online
  • Provide relevant content in response to preferences
  • Enable immediate sales call follow-up to “hot” leads
  • Convert responders’ preferences into revenue
  • Track your campaign performance measurements in real-time