Let us help you save on shipping and procurement costs

On-site fulfillment services included kitting, Pick-N-Ship, warehousing and custom packaging. We utilize all major carriers to deliver your materials on time.

Kit Building

Our kit building can be as simple as combining static items into a carton or as dynamic as unique packaging, and variable data collateral with a call-to-action driver to your sales/marketing team. Kits can be built on demand or in bulk batches depending on your sales and marketing objectives.


Our Pick-N-Ship programs can combine static printed materials with ‘Print-On-Demand’ items and variable data items into one shipment to save shipping and procurement costs. We utilize a web-based procurement system that offers an organized tool to accomplish your programs along with customized reporting or reports you can create.


Jobs that are produced in large quantities and for mass markets can be packed, stored and shipped according to your needs and on your schedule.


Our mailing services are an extension of our digital and conventional printing solutions. Full color digital printing, laser imprinting or ink jetting all utilize the same attention to detail and thought process. We will help you design your mail packages that may include match or read-and-print technologies to optimize our automated insertion equipment. We will consult you on data management, mail piece design, bar coding and tabbing to maximize USPS discounts. We offer on-site USPS verification of mail, BMC drop ship services and USPS permits maintained at multiple post offices to ensure the most efficient process to get your project in the hands of your audience and help obtain higher response rates for you.

Data Management

We go well beyond the typical merge/purge and pre-sorting functions of data management. We can help you with list procurement, NCOA address verification, CASS certification, address enhancement and zip+4. We have constant updates of USPS regulations to ensure your postage rates are accurate and all the required paperwork is submitted with your mail drop.